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Welcome to my personal Web site!

I am Ajit R. Jadhav, an engineer from Pune, India—more like a computational engineer-cum-physicist.

Ajit R. Jadhav Photo

That is how I used to look some 7–8 years ago or so. … Guess, I still look pretty much the same. (The damage has been mostly internal ;-). … OK, I will try to change the pic, as soon as I snap out of the procrastination.)

I have done a PhD, formally in mechanical engineering, from COEP, University of Pune (2003-07, defended in 2009). My thesis was on a topic from computational science and engineering.

Since last year or so, I have been pursuing studies of Data Science more or less on full-time basis. I find this field fascinating. Here are some of my (very informally written) blog-posts concerning Data Science [^].

Here is my short resume (PDF) [^]. Feel free to ask for more details.

Currently, I mostly blog at my personal blog [^], where I write on all sorts of issues: quantum mechanics, engineering, computing, philosophical, cultural, social, and sometimes, even political!

For quite some time, in between 2007 through 2011, I used to blog fairly regularly at the Harvard-based iMechanica [^], where I would post mostly on the issues related to mechanics. However, as my interests turned towards Data Science (primarily) and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (secondarily), these days, I find little time for iMechanica.

Well-thought comments are welcome.

[22 June 2019]